It’s Not Just a Call, It’s a Conversation

When you speak to a 211 Community Resource Specialist, you get more than any bot or search engine search can give. You will connect with a compassionate and attentive person who listens. Our 211 Specialists are trained to hear what you say and what you don’t say. They will actively try to get to the root of your concerns and provide guidance to help you any and all resources that can help. A 211 Specialist is a caring guide to help you discover resources and that you didn’t even know existed and possibly solutions you ever considered.

Keana, recently called the 211 Statewide Resource Helpline for information about local food pantries. As the specialist began to ask questions, they learned that Keana and her disabled family members are homeless, living in a Honolulu park.

Due to disability, the family members are unable to work, leaving Keana as the sole provider. As a caregiver, she explained how incredibly difficult it is to find work while making sure her loved ones and their belongings are safe.

The family had been waiting for their SNAP benefits to be reinstated; but in the interim they were entirely without income and access to food. Keana explained how it felt every time they were promised help and it never panned out. As the conversation continued, it became clear that Keana needed caregiving support to have time to obtain a job and more easily manage her family’s affairs.

The Community Resource Specialist discussed several options with Keana – some they had tried before. The specialist then proposed getting assistance from a Service Coordinator through her partner’s medical insurance – a resource she had never heard of or considered.

Tapping into the 211 information and referral database, the specialist provided her with the information she’d need to contact the medical insurance provider’s Service Coordination department. At the end of their conversation, she felt that it was the first time a support professional had helped them “think out of the box” to find assistance.

Don’t delay getting the support you need. Every call is free and confidential. Dial 2-1-1 (1-808-ASK-2000) to get help today.