Hailey Kurtenbach

It’s Not Just a Call, It’s a Conversation

By Hailey Kurtenbach / March 30, 2023 /

When you speak to a 211 Community Resource Specialist, you get more than any bot or search engine search can give. You will connect with a compassionate and attentive person who listens. Our 211 Specialists are trained to hear what you say and what you don’t say. They will actively try to get to the…

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Woman reviewing paperwork while son sits at the table beside her

Tap into Tax Credits to Save Money on 2022 Returns

By Hailey Kurtenbach / March 3, 2023 /

During the tax season, 211 Community Resource specialists receive an influx of callers searching for help preparing and filing their taxes. With inflation and the ever-rising cost of living, budgets are tight for many local individuals and families. Taking advantage of all available tax deductions is critical for saving extra cash on taxes this year.…

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Woman wearing a headset smiling directly at camera

Someone Who Listens

By Hailey Kurtenbach / December 23, 2022 /

Out of the wild variety of calls the 211 Statewide Helpline receives each week, occasionally our specialists connect with a caller who has a simple request — for somebody to listen and to be heard. Earlier this year, John Doe called 211 to share an idea for supporting individuals experiencing homelessness on the North Shore.…

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Niece with Aging Auntie

Support for Caregivers

By Hailey Kurtenbach / November 1, 2022 /

As the population ages, more caregiving is being provided by people who aren’t healthcare professionals. According to Mayo Clinic, about 1 in 3 adults in the United States provides care to other adults as informal caregivers. A caregiver is anyone who provides help to another person in need, such as an ill spouse or partner,…

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Hands on steering wheel while driving at sunset

Facing First-Time Call Fears

By Hailey Kurtenbach / July 29, 2022 /

Calling 211 for the first time can feel overwhelming. Who will answer? Should I even be calling 211 for this? What if I don’t know what to ask for – will they understand me? Currently living in her van on Maui, Mona wanted to apply for food assistance but wasn’t sure where to start. After…

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